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Lizzie Sider’s Impassioned Bully Prevention Campaign Is Connecting With Kids, Tweens and Teens Across Florida (So Much Moore Media)

LIZZIE SIDER’s Impassioned Bully Prevention Campaign Is
Connecting With Kids, Tweens and Teens Across Florida

State Run With National Anthem Performance At Miami Marlins’ MLB Game April 1

 IMG_5692 Crystal Lake Elem

Lizzie Sider at Crystal Lake Elementary School

Nashville, TN (March 10, 2014) – LIZZIE SIDER‘s impassioned bully prevention campaign, NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY, continues to connect with kids, tweens and teens across Florida this month.  During January and February, she visited 65 schools, carrying her message to more than 30,000 students.  As a spokesperson for PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Lizzie is uniquely qualified for her mission: she was teased and ridiculed during her elementary school years.  During these presentations the 15-year-old singer/songwriter tells her story, counsels that “nobody has the power to ruin your day,” and asks kids to work together to prevent the tragedy that is bullying.  The rising star ends each 30 to 40-minute appearance with a performance of her Top 40 Country hit song/video “Butterfly” (a song about Lizzie’s experiences she wrote with Jamie O’Neal), the distribution of awareness bracelets, and a long autograph session.  Including last fall’s 100-school California assembly tour, Lizzie has reached a total of 70,000-plus students with her powerful message.

IMG_6661 Charter Sch at Waterstone - Version 2

Lizzie Sider at Waterstone Charter School in Homestead 

The universal appeal of Sider’s music and the impact of her message have brought the media spotlight to bear on this engaging entertainer.  Lizzie’s popularity has resulted in recent appearances on the  Queen Latifah show,The Daily Buzz Emotional MOJO segment, Fox 35 Orlando and a feature in last week’s issue of Country Weekly magazine, further expanding her reach.

Remaining March Assembly dates include:
3/11 Wesley Chapel Elementary School – Wesley Chapel, FL
3/11 Cypress Elementary – New Port Richey, FL
3/11 Woodland Elementary – Zephyrillis, FL
3/12 Fuguitt Elementary – Largo, FL
3/12 Eisenhower Elementary – Clearwater, FL
3/12 Melrose Elementary – St. Petersburg, FL
3/13 Laurel Oak Elementary – Naples, FL
3/13 Naples Park Elementary – Naples, FL
3/13 Palmetto Elementary – Naples, FL
3/14 Tommie Barfield Elementary – Marco Island, FL
3/14 Gulf Coast Academy Charter South – Naples, FL
3/18 Hobe Sound Elementary (2 assemblies) – Hobe Sound, FL
3/18 Pine Crest – Boca Raton, FL
3/24 Wildwood Middle School – Wildwood, FL
3/24 Lake Panasoffkee Elementary – Lake Panasoffkee, FL
3/25 Webster Elementary School – Webster, FL
3/25 South Sumter Middle School – Webster, FL
3/26 Forest City Elementary School – Altamonte Springs, FL
3/27 Roundlake Elementary School – Mt. Dora, FL
3/27 Bushnell Elementary – Bushnell, FL
3/28 Pine Crest School – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

After a few days’ rest, Lizzie will head to Miami and Marlins Ballpark where, for the seventh consecutive year, she will sing the National Anthem for the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, April 1 during their televised MLB game vs Colorado Rockies.

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Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day (The Key West Citizen)

‘Nobody has the power to ruin your day’ Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 12.24.40 PM


Teen singer with antibullying message inspires Keys students

Citizen Staff

“Nobody has the power to ruin your day.”

That was the truth that 15- year-old singer Lizzie Sider brought to hundreds of area students during a tour of county schools on Friday.

The up-and-coming Nashville recording artist brought her musical mes- sage of hope and triumph over adversity to enthusiastic elementary and middle school students at Plantation Key, Horace O’Bryant and Sugarloaf schools. About 250 fourth- through eighth-grade students jammed the cafeteria at Sugarloaf to see Sider, who didn’t let a bout of laryngitis keep her from performing her hit song “Butterfly,” and speaking out on the issue of bullying.

Sider is a South Florida native currently on a 100 school tour of the Sunshine State in support of “Butterfly,” which has already garnered over a million views on YouTube. She recently completed a grueling tour of California schools, and is planning to hit Texas next.

But it was the issue of bullying, wherever it takes place, that was on Sider’s mind Friday, as she danced around the cafeteria with the enthusiasm and professionalism one might expect from a performer twice her age.

During an extended introduction of her now famous song, Sider let down her guard a little and told her story.

“I was teased by the other kids in my grade,” she said solemnly. “They’d call me names, and exclude me from games at recess. They wouldn’t let me sit with them at lunch.”

To cope, Sider said, she began singing to herself.


PHOTO from Key West Citizen articleWhen the other kids noticed her doing so, they asked her to sing for them. What Sider perceived as an opening for her turned to dashed hopes when her peers mocked her singing voice.

“I used to leave school crying almost every day,” Sider said. “I begged my parents to take me out of school.”

The torture continued from the time she was in kindergar- ten until sometime in fourth grade when Sider had an epiphany.

“One day when I was leaving for school, my dad said to me, ‘Nobody has the power to ruin your day,’” Sider said. “I didn’t get it at first, but eventually it began to sink in. We decide whether somebody can affect us. Once I realized that, things began to change.”

Yellow rubber wristbands emblazoned with the saying were distributed to the students.

Sider then asked the crowd — school staff included — to close their eyes and put up their hands if they had ever been teased or bullied. She then requested they all open their eyes at the same time. A murmur swept through the audience as the near-universality of the issue began to sink in.

Taking another tack, Sider threw out the names of a number of prominent Americans, including singer Taylor Swift, President Obama, and the late Steve Jobs of Apple computers. When Sider asked the students what these famous and successful people all had in common, fourth grader Antonio Doblas called out, “They might have been bullied.”

Sider then asked the group why they thought bullies acted the way they do.

“Because they were bullied themselves,” replied Christopher Rackley, another fourth grader.

Sixth-grade student Reagan Fountain posited that bullies try “to make themselves feel better about themselves” by hurting others.

Victims of this kind of mistreatment should always keep in mind that there’s somebody out there who will listen to their problems, Sider insisted, such as a teacher, a friend, or a family member.

A sea of nodding heads greeted Sider’s inquiry, “Who here really looks up to bullies?”

On the contrary, the singer added, most everybody admires those who stand up to bullies.

“These are the kind of people we should try to emulate,” Sider said.

She then asked how the bullies who tormented Swift, Obama and Jobs probably feel today, now that they’re grown persons themselves.

“Shameful!” came the loud response from one student.

At this point, Sider drafted fourth-grade teacher Linda Diaz to become her “new band leader.” Teachers and school choir singers then launched into “Butterfly” with their voices and an array of musical instruments prompting a Beatlemania-like response from the screaming students. Sider led her min- strels, including Sugarloaf Principal Harry Russell, around the cafeteria, as a group of pupils wearing butterfly wings on their backs, jumped up and down with excitement.

“Look after each other like your own little brother or sister,” Sider said, encouraging the students to step in and help each other out when bully-type situations arise.

She reminded them, however, that the road of life is rocky, and that even as they grow older, they’re likely to encounter other forms of negativity throughout their lives.

“I want to be a professional singer,” Sider said. “Every day I hear people say I can’t do it, that I can’t make it. There will always be people out there who will try to knock you down.”

Sider’s performance drew strong applause from Principal Rusell.

“She has a very powerful message, and the students listen to her because she’s still practically a kid herself,” Russell said. “She’s going to be a big star some day, so the students are lucky to be seeing her now. This is also another example of us doing everything we can to eradicate bullying from our school system.”

Sugarloaf School Counselor Rebecca Palomino, who helped arrange Sider’s visit to the Keys, agreed.

“Her message is positive, powerful and great,” she said. “It really hits home with the kids because she’s so close to them in age.”

Sider donated her time and talent to the 100 schools she will visit in Florida, free of charge. 

A note from Lizzie:  Thank you, The Key West Citizen, for the great article!
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Lizzie Sider Performs at Avalon Elementary School (City News Group, Inc.)

Lizzie Sider Performs at Avalon Elementary School

Photo Courtesy of:

Country sensation Lizzie Sider, 15, gave an anti-bullying presentation during an assembly at Avalon Elementary School in the Valle Vista Unified School District.

2013-12-04 ● 15:24:16
Last month, Lizzie Sider visited Moreno Valley where she conducted an anti-bullying assembly for the students at Avalon Elementary School. At 15 years old, Sider is an immediate country music sensation. She traveled through the state of California between Oct. 7 and Nov. 26, conducting assemblies to promote anti-bullying. In these weeks, Lizzie reached 89 schools via more than 70 assemblies. The interactive assemblies focus on the importance of individuals taking stances against bullying. Sider also shared her experiences of being teased and ridiculed while in elementary school and what she did to cope with it. Upon the conclusion of the assembly, Sider provided Avalon Elementary staff with discussion questions so staff could follow up with the students about bullying. The assembly at Avalon Elementary School was attended by approximately 380 students from the third, fourth and fifth grades. Sider performed for about 45 minutes and then spent time signing autographs and visiting some of the classrooms. During her performance, Lizzie invited some of the students to sing along with her. Ms. Tammy Roughton, principal of Avalon Elementary School, said, “This assembly really resonated with some of the students. I overheard students telling their parents about the assembly and how some famous people were bullied and overcame the issue and went on to great things.” The theme of the assembly was “Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day.”
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Teenage Country Musician Visits Schools with Bullying Prevention (

Tuesday, Nov 12 2013 06:00 AM

Teenage Country Musician Visits Schools with Bullying Prevention Message

By SCOTT CAMP Tehachapi News
photo by Tehachapi News
Lizzie Sider, a 15-year-old anti-bullying advocate speaks to the students of Golden Hills Elementary School Wednesday, Oct. 30, during an assembly in the school’s cafeteria. Sider uses both songs and interactive activities to speak out against childhood bullying. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News
Anti-bullying advocate Lizzie Sider performs with the help of some audience members Wednesday, Oct. 30, at Golden Hills Elementary School. the 15-year-old Florida native is touring schools throughout California to help spread her message that “No one has the power to ruin your day.” Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News




Lizzie Sider, 15-year-old country musician, paid a visit to Tompkins, Golden Hills, and Cummings Valley elementary schools to promote bullying prevention on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

As part of a two-month tour, Sider is traveling to 80 schools throughout California in a statewide effort to raise awareness about the effects of bullying, and is instructing students on how to intervene when their peers are being teased or ridiculed. Sider is teaming up with the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center to spread her message during what the organization deemed “National Bullying Prevention Month” in 2006.

Sider began performing country music professionally at the age of 13 and, after two years, her career continues to burgeon. She has already performed alongside music stars such as Aaron Tippin and was named an “Artist to Watch in 2013” by the Country Music Association. She is working on a full-length album, which she hopes will be released next year.

Standing in front of more than 200 fourth and fifth graders packed into the cafeteria of Golden Hills elementary, she relayed her own experiences of being bullied as a child, and explained how she found solace in music.

“I would be teased and excluded from games at recess, so I would walk around the playground and sing songs to myself,” she said.

Each student was given a wristband with the saying “Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day” — the motto of her campaign — printed on them.

The musician concluded the interactive assembly with a Q & A session and a performance of her debut single “Butterfly,” which she co-wrote with singer Jamie O’Neal. The song tells the tale of how she learned to overcome being bullied.

Being a youngster herself, Sider explained how her “peer-to-peer” assemblies have made it easier to get her message across to those who are close in age.

“I have always wanted to inspire people,” she said. “It is a great feeling when a kid leaves a message on my website telling me how much I have changed his or her life.”

Sider began the tour at the beginning of the month and wrap up by Thanksgiving. She said she hopes to continue the campaign in her home state of Florida next year.


The link to this article in

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15-Year Old Local Country Artist Gets Big Nod From Nashville (Observer Newspaper Online)


15-year-old local Country artist gets big nod from Nashville

Posted on 31 October 2013 by L.Moore

By Joe Malmuth, Photo by D. Sider

Recently named one of the Country Music Association (CMA’s) 2013 New Artists to Watch, 15-year-old Lizzie Sider has accomplished a lot, including: garnering the attention of some big names in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles.

Lizzie, a Florida native who lives in Boca Raton, recently performed her song “Butterfly,” on the nationally-syndicated Queen Latifah Show.

Lizzie will perform at 80 schools throughout California during her campaign to bring awareness to the anti-bullying movement.

Lizzie’s song “Butterfly,” was written about her own experiences being bullied and how she overcame the teasing and learned a life lesson within the words of her father.

“My goal is to spread a good message and hopefully inspire these kids. I always wanted to inspire and help people. It’s something I have always been passionate about,” she said.

A victim of bullying at a young age, Lizzie shared the idea of hitting the road to promote an anti-bullying agenda with her parents, and after reaching out to California schools, the 80-stop tour was born.

“Every time after these assemblies, the kids come up to me afterwards and I get to talk to them and really make friends. I can’t describe the feeling I get when these kids tell me that I have inspired them. It really makes my heart smile.”

Lizzie performs to an average crowd of about 500 children — ranging in age from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Butterfly,” which she co-wrote with Jamie O’Neal about her experiences being bullied in school, recently ranked in the Top 40 in the Music Row Charts in Nashville.

“My dad told me, ‘Nobody has the power to ruin your day,’” which is the theme of the tour.

“Butterfly has become my anthem and I want it to inspire others and for it to give them courage to spread the message that nobody has the power to ruin your day.”

The 80 School Bully Prevention Assembly Tour in California is Lizzie’s idea and is endorsed by, the United States National Bully Prevention Organization.



Lizzie is working on a new album for release sometime in 2014 and recently participated in her first CMA Fest with her own booth and a LIVE performance at the famed country music venue, The Wildhorse.

She will be touring Florida schools in January and February 2014.

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