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B. Mac Students Unite Against Bullying (Herald Democrat)

Posted May 8, 2014 – 9:13am

B. Mac students unite against bullying

Singer and motivational speaker Lizzie Sider turned the microphone over to several B. McDaniel students during a special anti-bullying program hosted Tuesday for all sixth, seventh and eighth graders in the school gymnasium. - See more at:

Singer and motivational speaker Lizzie Sider turned the microphone over to several B. McDaniel students during a special anti-bullying program hosted Tuesday for all sixth, seventh and eighth graders in the school gymnasium.

Special from DISD

More than 1,000 B. McDaniel Middle School students stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the school gym on Tuesday, resolute in their commitment to end bullying at all levels.

Leading the massive rally was a talented young singer and motivational speaker named Lizzie Sider, who was bullied in elementary school but overcame the adversity to become a YouTube sensation for her debut single, “Butterfly.” The lyrics of the song speak to Sider’s triumph over bullying.

Sider engaged B. Mac students at every turn, empowering them to stand up and say no to all kinds of bullying, at school and at home, in neighborhoods and sporting events. When she asked the kids to raise their hands if they had ever been bullied, the response was an overwhelming majority. Several students took the microphone to talk about why kids bully; others offered ways to overcome the hurt and become a proponent for change.

“It was inspiring to see this mass show of solidarity among our students…against something that negatively affects all of us,” said Principal Alvis Dunlap. “Most of us have felt the sting of bullying at some time in our lives. It is gratifying to see that our kids want to work together to prevent future hurts and to help heal past wounds. These kinds of programs teach our kids that it’s good to speak up…to take a stand against things that are wrong and hurtful. If w

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Spreading Her Wings: Teen music star presents anti-bullying message (Royce City Herald Banner)

May 8, 2014 SPREADING HER WINGS: Teen music star presents anti-bullying message By AUSTIN WELLS Herald-Banner Staff Teen country music artist Lizzie Sider had a simple, meaningful message to tell the young students at Davis Elementary School last week, a message once told to her by her father when she was being bullied in elementary […]

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Singer teaches students about effects of bullying (The Brownsville Herald)

Singer teaches students about effects of bullying

Posted: Thursday, May 8, 2014 9:53 pm
By Victoria Brito The Brownsville Herald

Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald. Country singer Lizzie Sider performs her song “Butterfly,” an inspirational piece about Sider’s triumph over school teasing, Thursday during her Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day anti-bulling campaign tour at Russell Elementary in Brownsville.

Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald. Country singer Lizzie Sider performs her song “Butterfly,” an inspirational piece about Sider’s triumph over school teasing, Thursday during her Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day anti-bulling campaign tour at Russell Elementary in Brownsville.

No one has the power to ruin your day. That is the advice that singer and songwriter Lizzie Sider’s father gave her growing up, and that is the message she shares.

Sider, 15, is on a 250-school bully-prevention assembly tour through California, Florida and Texas. She visited Cromack, Russell and El Jardin Elementary Schools on Friday as
part of the 70-school Texas tour, which began in April.

The Russell Elementary School gymnasium was decorated colorfully with butterflies and inspiring quotes, such as “look at me now,” “no one can keep me down,” “be bully free” and “be kind to one another.”

“Its great to be here,” Sider said in an interview.
She is no stranger to being teased, picked on and bullied. Her song, “Butterfly” depicts the feelings she felt
as a child.

“I was bullied in elementary school, so that was hard to get through, but I came out of it being a much stronger person,” Sider said. “This has been something that I am passionate about. I wanted to do something significant with my time.”

As a result of being bullied, the Florida native resorted to shyness, which she said is unlike her, “bubbly” nature.

“It really affected me while I was in school, of course, because that’s where it was happening” she said. “I was totally normal, and happy, and fun, and outgoing myself, outside of school. It was just in school I felt like I couldn’t be myself. And it really got to me for the longest time, and it started in kindergarten and lasted through about 4th grade.”

When Sider was in 4th grade, her dad gave her a few words of advice that changed her perspective
“One day before I left for school, my dad told me, ‘Nobody has the power to ruin your day,’ and that’s become the theme for this tour,” Sider said.

Although she said the message didn’t “click” with her right away, she said after a while it really helped.

“It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s me. I’m the one who decides what my day is going to be like.’ That was huge,” Sider said. “I just want to inspire others. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do: help others out and be a role model.”

“My advice is that not only that nobody has the power to ruin your day, but realize that nobody has the power to knock you down, we decide whether or not something hurts us,” she said.

Sider encourages anyone who is being bullied to “be open about it” and “talk to someone.”

“It is so important to open up, to talk to a friend, talk to an adult, because that can really help you out and you always have that support,” Sider said. “Don’t be afraid, you’re not the only one who is going through this.”

Sider gave a motivational speech to the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Russell Elementary. She engaged with the students and walked through the aisle as she shared her story.

“When I was in elementary school, I was teased by the other kids in my grade,” she told the crowd. “They’d exclude me from games at recess, they wouldn’t let me sit with them at lunch, they’d call me names, they’d laugh at me.”

She said as a child her classmates would ask her to sing a song for them.

“I thought, ‘Hey, maybe this time they’re actually being nice to me,’ but when I started to sing for them, they started to laugh at me and run away,” Sider explained. “It was a very hurtful time for me to get through.”

She asked the students to close their eyes, and raise their hand if they have ever been bullied. She then asked them to open their eyes to reveal that most of the students in the gymnasium had a hand up.

“This tells us that almost all of us, at at least one point in our lives, we’ve been treated this way,” she said. “I had to raise my hand. You saw how many other hands of your fellow peers were raised. We know how much that hurts us. We know what it’s like to be on the other side. So, next time we think about teasing someone else or bullying someone else, let’s think twice and remember how that feels. And let’s not cause that same pain to others.”

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Lizzie Sider Answers Digital Rodeo’s “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” Questions (Digital Rodeo)


Fully embracing and embodying the title and theme of her infectious debut single “Butterfly,” Lizzie Sider is rocking out of the gate not only as an immediate country chart sensation, but a role model and inspiration to fans of multiple generations.lizzie-sider-slider-504x300

Already vibing in Music City’s big leagues just a year and a half after first setting foot in Nashville, the multi-talented, South Florida based 15-year-old singer/songwriter brings a youthful outlook and an exciting edge to contemporary country music. Lizzie wrote the track with renowned artist and songwriter Jamie O’Neal (who has penned hits for Martina McBride and Reba McEntire), lyricist Lisa Drew (Martina McBride, Emerson Drive) and Jimmy Murphy. “Butterfly,” a song about Lizzie’s empowering decision to overcome the teasing and bullying she experienced in elementary school, has received significant airplay nationwide and made the Top 40 on the Music Row Country Chart; its video of Lizzie recording it in O’Neal’s studio with some of Nashville’s top session players has received over ONE MILLION views on YouTube.

I want to be out there, giving people something to enjoy and be an inspiration to them. I’m excited about the all the opportunities that have opened up for me just in the last few years, and feel fortunate to have touched so many lives with my music. I am truly living my dream every day.”

Below read Lizzie Sider’s answers to Digital Rodeo’s “Inquiring Minds Want To Know” questions:

1. In the last year what is the one thing you accomplished that you were surprised by?

Something that I accomplished in this past year that I was surprised by was becoming a role model for the nearly 100,000 kids that I’ve personally touched, hugged, and said hello to on my Bully Prevention School Tour throughout all corners of California, Florida and Texas, and realizing that I’m affecting their lives in a positive way.

2. In the upcoming year what are your top three goals musically that you want to accomplish?

A few goals that I’d like to accomplish musically in the upcoming year: (1) continue to work towards truly finding my sound, (2) continue to expand my vocal range, and (3) improve my fiddle playing. (I just started!)

3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get off a tour?

Definitely Castle on TNT. I am obsessed.

4. What is your current challenge personally you are pushing yourself to achieve?

I always strive to be the best person I can be. That includes work ethic, positive attitude, and staying true to myself no matter what!

5. Who would be your “dream artist” to do an opening act for and why?

I would love to open for Kelly Clarkson. I think she is an outstanding artist and person, and it would be very cool to share a stage with her.

6. Who was your most influential artist in your early years?

I’ve spent every single summer of my life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I have grown up listening to the older generation country artists, such as Patsy Cline. I think Patsy was a real influence on me; she, along with others, made me fall in love with country music. At the age of 9, someone told me, after I sang a song, “You’ve got a little twang in your voice.”

7. Do you have hobbies that keep you busy when you are not on the road/in studio?

I love to dance and play tennis. I also love the outdoors, so anything out in nature like biking, hiking, kayaking and exploring makes me happy.

8. What is at the top of your bucket list besides music?

I am a very outdoorsy, adventurous person, so a lot of things on my bucket list are things that involve exploring and traveling. A couple of my top items are: Climb (on) the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii, and ride in a hot air balloon.

9. Do you have a “lucky charm” you carry on stage or a routine for good luck you do before you go onstage?

I don’t really have an on-stage lucky charm or a backstage routine that I do, but I like to close my eyes and just relax and breathe before I go on stage. It helps me find my center.

10. What is your favorite comfort food?

Chicken Pot Pie! I don’t eat it a lot, but it’s one of my favorites!

11. Current project you are promoting (SINGLE – TOUR – CD etc.) and what are you most excited about it?

I am currently on a 250 School Bully Prevention Assembly Tour throughout the states of California, Florida and Texas. I share my personal story of being bullied, and there’s lots of positivity and encouragement, music, and discussion. The tour wraps up at the end of May, and it has been such an amazing experience.

For more information on Lizzie Sider please visit:

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Interview by Bev Moser / Pam Stadel for Digital Rodeo

Lizzie Sider
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Students Embrace Anti-Bullying Message (Marco Island Sun Times)

Students embrace anti-bullying message
Teen country singer includes Marco in statewide school tour

Mar. 14, 2014

Lizzie Sider, 15, talks about counteracting bullying to students at Tommie Barfield Elementary. / Quentin Roux/

Written by Quentin Roux
Marco Island News

Naturally, there was music in the air when country singer Lizzie Sider paid a visit to Tommie Barfield Elementary School Friday morning.

But the 15-year-old rising star from Boca Raton also had a serious message for the students. An anti-bullying message.

She brought home the message to the students in song and words, one of which was a spirited rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Why You Gotta Be So Mean.”

Another well-received song was a cover of Selena Gomez’ “Who Says.”

Sider sings ‘Butterfly,’ her song written in response to being bullied. It can be heard on YouTube, and her local rendition on a video. / Quentin Roux/

 Sider introduces some serious moments to her motivational talk by describing how she was bullied.

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Sider introduces some serious moments to her motivational talk by describing how she was bullied. / Quentin Roux/

Sider is becoming well-known for the song “Butterfly,” which she co-wrote to deal with pain as a result of herself being bullied while at elementary school.

“I used to hide and keep inside,” go the lyrics, “but look at me now; finally comin’ out and I’m wanting to fly; they thought they knew me plain and shy, but all along I was a butterfly.

Students, teachers and parents fell silent as Sider told everyone to close their eyes and raise their hands if they’d ever been teased. She specifically used that word, and not the word bullied, but the inference that the former leads to the latter was clear.

The upshot was that about 75 percent of the people in the room indicated being teased at some time.

“It tells you almost all of as at one time have been treated this way,” Sider said.

Her own turnabout occurred when one day on the way to school, her dad proclaimed: “Nobody has the power to ruin your days.”

That led to Sider eventually touring her native state to deliver her anti-bullying message through the medium of singing as well as motivational speaking.

Afterwards, the students’ reactions testified to the power of her presentation.

“I learned that bullying won’t make you feel better, or make you laugh,” wrote Victoria Pruitt back in teacher Cheryl Reinke’s class. “I will apply what I learned because if I ever see anyone getting bullied, or I’m getting bullied, I will make it stop.”

Kayla Charde felt the same way.

“I learned that ‘no-one has the power to ruin your day,’” she wrote in reference to Sider’s dad’s words, “and I will be strong and confident when I get teased.”

A site devoted to the bullying problem that plagues American schools notes that teens in grades 6 through 10 grade are the most likely to be affected.

About 30 percent of students in the United States are regularly involved in bullying either as a victim, bully or both, says the site. Increasingly problematic is cyber-bullying.

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Watch the VIDEO:  Lizzie sings “Who Says” by Selena Gomez at Tommie Barfield Elementary

As part of Lizzie’s assembly, Lizzie and the students sing Selena Gomez‘s “Who Says” and Taylor Swift‘s “Mean“.