I am thankful and honored to have had Charlie Daniels speak out against bullying and show support for my anti-bullying...

Posted by Lizzie Sider on Monday, July 13, 2020

Charlie Daniels Shows Support for NHTPTRYD and Anti-Bullying

I am thankful and honored to have had Charlie Daniels speak out against bullying and show support for my anti-bullying program and the work I do through Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day. Thank you Charlie, and thank you for sharing your great life and influence with all of us!


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by Heather Carney by Jason Nuttle Apr 2015 Also on Digital Edition


Boca Raton’s Lizzie Sider is on the cusp of country stardom. When she’s not in South Florida or Nashville, the 16-year-old singer/songwriter travels throughout the country spreading her anti-bullying message. Here, Sider talks her music, her own experience with bullying and her hometown.

How did you start singing?

Every summer my parents and I go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There is a local theater called the Jackson Hole Playhouse. I was 6 years old. I couldn’t even read yet. [My mom] would read the lines to me and I would repeat them back to her. I loved being in front of people. There’s something so special about sharing that human experience. I started playing piano at 6. When I was 9, I sang my very first professional national anthem for The Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

You’ve promoted your anti-bullying message in more than 300 schools nationwide. What was your experience with bullying?

I was teased and bullied when I was younger. That was hard for me. I didn’t understand why I was being treated that way. It just happened. As I’m going to these schools, and as I’m being exposed to more classes and grades, I realize that I just happened to be the kid who was picked on.

Tell us about the school tour.

The theme of the tour is that “nobody has the power to ruin your day.” My dad told me this on my way to school. When I did [learn to brush it off], the kids that were being mean to me, they stopped. I talk about encouragement and loving your dreams. That’s so closely tied to the message of anti-bullying.

How does it connect to your music?

The theme song is “Butterfly.” It has a message of spreading your wings and flying. We follow the life cycle of a butterfly. You start out as a cocoon and shy, and then you eventually blossom and spread your wings.

The message carries a lot of responsibility. How do you handle it?

If you want to go into this field, you have a responsibility to be someone that is looked up to – someone who really assumes that role. I want to spread my goodness around and [share] my vulnerability in my songs. That’s what’s so special to me about music. As an artist, we have a message that we want to convey. Whether it’s a message about the world, or about liking a guy. That’s what I love about music.

When you’re back in South Florida, what do you enjoy doing?

One of my favorite places is Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. [My friends and I] just like doing Florida-y things. If you live by the beach, you don’t take advantage of it as often. We go mini golfing and bowling. We’ve always wanted to go paintballing.

What’s next?

I don’t’ think I would be a happy person if I was not able to perform. It’s such a passion of mine – a love of mine. I’m in it for all the right reasons. There is no plan B. My goal is to impact the world – to be a name and to be somebody who is remembered.

HNGN.com header November 14, 2014

Lizzie Sider Delivers Anti-Bullying Message to School Kids (HNGN Headlines & Global News)

Lizzie Sider Delivers Anti-Bullying Message To School Kids

By Larry Holden | Nov 09, 2014 10:41 AM EST

Don Flood Photography

Don Flood Photography

It’s purely coincidental in relation to Tuesday’s (Nov. 4) mid-term elections, but country music newcomer Lizzie Sider is headed to Washington, D.C. Her goal is to prevent bullying by sharing her own real-life experiences of being bullied.

The 16-year-old singer has already connected with more than 100,000 students in more than 250 schools in California, Florida, Texas and New York through her Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day Bully Prevention Assembly Tour. Now she’s bring her message to the Washington, D.C. area Nov. 12 – Nov. 21.

During the assemblies, Sider encourages kids to help prevent bullying. To underscore her message, she recounts her own personal journey as a young student who was ridiculed and teased – and she explains how she overcame the teasing. She also performs her original song “Butterfly,” which she co-wrote about her bullying experience. She says her primary mission is to help kids as a positive role model, having risen above her own ridicule, to pursue a career in music.

Sider has upcoming appearances on “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Better Show.” She has already been featured on “Access Hollywood,” “Billboard,” “Hallmark’s Home & Family,” “TIME for Kids,” “Nashville’s Crook & Chase” and “Emotional Mojo.” And in 2013 the Country Music Association named her an Artist to Watch.

The young singer is currently working on an EP of new material for release in early 2015. The EP will be produced by ACM award-winner James Stroud, who has generated more than 130 career No. 1 hit singles.

The “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” tour in Washington, D.C. has these scheduled appearances, with more to be added:

11/12 Reston, Va. Aldrin Elementary

11/13 Germantown, Md. Germantown Elementary

11/14 Silver Springs, Md. Sligo Creek Elementary School

11/17 Centreville, Va. Cub Run Elementary School

11/18 Clarksburg, Md. Rocky Hill Middle School

11/19 Falls Church, Va. Haycock Elementary School

11/20 Rockville, Md. Wheaton Woods Elementary School

11/21 Gaitersburg, Md. Rachel Carson Elementary School

For more information on Lizzie, please visit www.LizzieSider.com.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE:  http://www.hngn.com/articles/48635/20141109/16-year-old-country-singer-lizzie-sider-delivering-anti-bullying-message-to-america-s-school-kids.htm



Lizzie Sider announces “Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention Tour for 2014-2015

I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that starting in October (National Bullying Prevention Month), I will once again take my “Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention Tour to schools across the country!

My tour will begin in New York City from October 6-15. 

See SHOWS for my tour schedule. Assemblies will be added as they are confirmed.