Countdown ’til my Arizona “Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day” School Tour 4/22 – 5/1

Let the countdown begin!

My ARIZONA “Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day” school tour starts TOMORROW!

— the schedule —

Wed, 4/ 22 — 1:00pm — Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Mesa)
Thu, 4/23 — 1:00pm — Centerra Mirage Stem Academy (Goodyear)
Fri, 4/24 — 1:00pm — Monte Vista School & Gateway School (Phoenix)
Mon, 4/27 — 1:00pm — Sun Canyon Elementary (Phoenix)
Tue, 4/28 — 11:00am — Desert Shadows Elementary (Scottsdale)
Wed, 4/29 — 1:00pm — Laveen Elementary School (Laveen Village)
Thu, 4/30 — 1:00 pm — Desert Star School (Goodyear)
Fri, 5/1 — 1:00 pm — Lakeview Elementary (Phoenix)

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Touring anti-bullying assembly comes to Germantown (Gazette.Net)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Touring anti-bullying assembly comes to Germantown
Musician Lizzie Sider will visit multiple schools in the county

By Samantha Schmieder Staff Writer

Although she is just 16, Lizzie Sider has been touring the country for the past year reaching out to elementary school children about the negative effects of bullying by spreading her inspiring music and words.

Sider has recorded in Nashville and written with accomplished artists and writers as well as opened for country artists such as Jamie O’Neal, Aaron Tippin and Gloriana.

On Thursday, Sider will hold an assembly at Germantown Elementary School for its fifth grade students as well as for students who will come over from nearby Fox Chapel, Daly and McAuliffe elementary schools.

Germantown Elementary School principal Amy Bryant explained that she was happy to host other schools for the assembly and knew having Sider at the school would be beneficial to all.

“It was definitely something I was interested in, I think every school has a plan to combat bullying,” Bryant said.

Germantown Elementary School’s plan includes school guidance counselors speaking to students about bullying as well as working with the PTA to have an anti-bullying program. Bryant said that the school has identified peacemakers who make sure no one is bullying during recess and has the students recite a pledge about taking a stand against bullying.

“Fifth grade is the perfect age for this event because they are the role models in the school and as they transition to middle school we want them to represent us well,” Bryant said.

Sider will be performing at Germantown Elementary School as well as Sligo Creek Elementary School, Rocky Hills Middle School, Wheaton Woods Elementary School and Rachel Carson Elementary School over the next ten days. At her assembly she will perform songs, including “Butterfly,” a song about her experience getting bullied, and will ask students about their experiences and tell them about her own.

“I was bullied in elementary school, there was a lot of teasing and ridicule going on and it was hard for me,” Sider said.

One day as she was leaving for school, Sider said that her father told her that “no one has the power to ruin your day,” and that stuck with her.

“It was really up to me if anything was going to get me down. That was a life lesson I learned at a very young age,” Sider said.

Sider used her father’s advice as the theme for her assemblies this year and will be giving out wristbands with that saying printed on them to all the children that attend.

“She has that youth on her side where the kids can really relate to her,” Bryant said.

Sider said that sometimes kids are so far attached from adults that they don’t think adults were ever even kids themselves and that’s why she, as a 16-year-old, is able to convey her message so successfully.

“I think that our teachers can speak from their heart and do all they can and have the best intentions, but sometimes what it takes is someone who is young and who has been there only a few years ago who can say, ‘Hey, I went through this and you can, too,’” Sider said.

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FOX News Radio’s Crystal Berger spends “A Few Moments With” Country Music Singer Lizzie Sider

FOX News Radio’s Crystal Berger spends “A Few Moments With” Country Music Singer Lizzie Sider

In this interview, country music singer, Lizzie Sider her music, what life was like being bullied and how she now is helping others who face this issue. The Florida native is traveling to schools all over the country promoting her “No One Has the Power to Ruin Your Day” Anti-Bullying Campaign. Lizzie performs her song, ‘Butterfly,’ which she co-wrote as a way to cope with her own pain from dealing with bullies. Sider, whose performing credits include opening for Gloriana, Jamie O’Neal and Aaron Tippin, has also been sharing her powerful message on national TV. She has appeared on The Queen Latifah Show, Access Hollywood, and Hallmark’s ‘Home & Family’.


Listen HERE:

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Country Singer Lizzie Sider Promotes Positive Message During National Bullying Prevention Month (Long Island Report)

Country singer Lizzie Sider promotes positive message during National Bullying Prevention Month
By Esme Mazzeo on Sunday, October 12, 2014 

“A lot of the time, I would be excluded from games at recess, and so what I would do is I’d walk around and I’d sing to myself, because I loved to sing. And, there was a group of girls. . . . They would come up and ask me to sing a song for them,” ’ 16-year old Floridian country singer Lizzie Sider said, recalling experiences she had being bullied in elementary school. “I’d think, ‘Maybe this time they actually mean it, maybe they really do want to hear me.’ So, I’d start singing for them. And then, they’d laugh at me, call me names, and they’d run away.”

Those memories impacted her so deeply, she decided to use her platform to spread positivity through the “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” bully prevention assembly tour. Sider has already taken the tour to three states and visited 205 schools. As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Sider is urrently taking the tour to at least one school in each of New York City’s five boroughs.

The Message

The singer performs at assemblies primarily for children in grades three to five. “It’s very important to have a really strong connection with the kids, and really whoever [I’m] talking to,” she said, explaining why she enjoys taking the tour directly into school auditoriums.

LS_assembly_sm-300x200In the 40 minute program, she discusses why bullying is unacceptable. Sider also focuses on teaching kids how to overcome being bullied, or change their ways if they have been a bully to others. She interacts with the audience, asking them to come up with reasons why people bully, and hands out wristbands to remind everyone of the message of the tour, which is that, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day.”
At one point, Sider has the children close their eyes and raise their hand if they’ve ever been bullied. After a minute, everyone opens their eyes and looks around at all the hands up. “That let’s everyone know that [others have] been through the same thing. That’s very eye opening and I think that can do a lot for a person, just [having] that realization,” said Sider.


To end the program, Sider sings her hit song, “Butterfly.” She wrote the song in 2011 with a team of writers, including singer Jamie O’Neal, in O’Neal’s living room. Sider told her story of being bullied in school. Through the story, the writers realized that the experience of overcoming bullying is similar to the lifecycle of a butterfly. Sider compared being bullied to being in a cocoon. Victims often feel alone, and restricted, afraid to show themselves. But once they move past the negativity, they are free to be who they are. “The message behind it is that we all need to spread our wings and fly as high as we can.”

3-wristband-pic-300x236That message touches kids in ways Sider never thought possible. One little girl gave Sider her rhinestone bracelet after a show in California. Sider later learned that the girl was a foster child, and the bracelet represented one of her foster mothers passing on love and hope. “The principal said that [the girl] wanted to give this bracelet to me now, because I gave her hope again.”
Sider is excited to bring her message of perseverance to New York City. Though a tour like this can be tiring at times, she is energized by seeing the smiles she brings to kids’ faces, and the genuine connections she makes with people every day. “My whole goal is to do good things. Singing, and inspiring people, and just being a role model. . . is my dream. It’s been amazing.”


“Butterfly” In Studio Music Video:

Sider ends her stay in New York on Oct. 15 with a performance at The Bitter End. Her EP is scheduled for release in early 2015.

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The Mag catches up with Lizzie Sider! (The

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The Mag catches up with Lizzie Sider!

NAME: Lizzie Sider AGE: 15 HOMETOWN: Boca Raton, Florida

WHAT SHE’S DOING: As an emerging country artist, Lizzie lends her voice to an anti-bullying school assembly tour across Florida.

What inspired you to start your anti-bullying school tour? The topic of bullying is something I am very passionate about because of my personal experience with it when I was in elementary school. I thought what a great thing it would be to go into the schools and to speak to the kids directly about this, and use my song “Butterfly” as the theme song. I got so excited about this and brought the idea to my parents, and we started to brainstorm together.

How did your experience being bullied impact you?  When I was in elementary school I was teased by the other kids in my grade. They would exclude me, call me names, laugh at me and I would come home crying almost everyday. It was a very hard time to get through. I was a happy kid outside of school – fun, outgoing and bubbly – but it was in school that I felt I couldn’t be myself. One day, as I was leaving the house to go to school, my dad told me, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day.” At first I didn’t understand what he meant by that but after a while, I realized what it truly meant and I found the strength within myself to overcome the hurt and the teasing.

How did music help you through this time?  I started to write songs when I was about eight years old, and that was during the time I was getting teased at school. Writing was, and still is, a wonderful way to express myself and pour my heart out.

What has been your favourite performance so far? That’s a really tough one! A definite highlight has been performing “Butterfly” on The Queen Latifah Show in October. I was so honoured to be on her show. The whole experience was phenomenal.

What do you hope other kids will gain from watching the assembly? This assembly focuses on anti-bullying and bully prevention, but the messages of positivity and self-esteem are major parts of it as well. Going into each assembly, my goal is to impact and inspire at least one child in the audience.

What advice would you give to someone being bullied? The truth is that there will always be people in this world who will be bullies and who will try to discourage us; in school, at work, in sports, in life— it will happen. We have to not let that get us down. We cannot control how other people act, but we can control how we react to something.

Fill in the blanks!

The song most played on my playlist is… “Cry With You” by Hunter Hayes.aa0116_2

In five years I want to be… performing on the biggest stages, with the biggest audiences, and having everyone in the crowd singing my song with me.

I never leave the house without my… hair tie.

I’m happiest when… I’m performing on stage, with an amazing audience.

Thanks Lizzie!