Student & Fan Love

Your positivity is a great example! And your smile is contagious!

Thank you for coming to Thomas Jefferson. We miss you❤️

“Your so nice @lizziesider this is why I look up to you everyday you put a smile on my face whenever I am feeling down and you help others.” ❤️

“Hi @lizziesider , this is *’s mom, *. My girls (* and her twin, *) learned about you almost a year ago. They have loved following your music and adventures. What an awesome example you are for them to look up to! Thank you SO MUCH for being so genuine and personal in your communication and your help providing the info she requested. * was always so excited to get an email response! You made her feel so important that some random 6th grade girl in Washington was worth your time! 😁 I appreciate you!”

“And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about His great and eternal purposes… Lizzie you are one of the brightest “means” he has working for him right now!! So impressive; keep up the Great Work!!!” ♥️

“Hi Lizzie. You are such an inspiration. Your story is so amazing and we should all take after you. In fourth grade, you came to my school and I just found the picture of us on your Instagram. All of my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and agree that it was one of our best memories from elementary school.  We still wear the bracelets you gave us. Thank you for making an impact in our lives.”

“I haven’t took this bracelet off since I got it at [my school]. You have really inspired to do better in a lot of things and to stay out of trouble. I have officially been clean for about 3 months and your words will definitely go on forever with me. I will never forget you. I’ll always say the person that got me like this is Lizzie Sider. A lot of people I went to school with know who you are because I always say something about you so I hope you have a wonderful day.”

“…You came to [my school] two years ago! …I was bullying one of now my best friends and I stopped because of your performance to all of us. I am in sixth grade now and don’t bully anymore! You really changed me thank you so much!”

“… I tried killing myself, because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. After I got out the hospital, I remembered I had a CD that I won from you back in 2015 when you came to my school. After giving the CD a listen I’ve come to realize that suicide is never an option and through you’re music I found strength to keep going. I am always going to be a butterfly thanks to you I can finally spread my wings and fly. I hope this new generation could experience you the way I was able to. Thank you once again for changing my life.”

“…I attended your concert on Monday. You did an amazing job, and you were so inspirational. I saw you when I was in third grade, and now I’m in eighth and saw you, again, and I still remembered your song. You are so nice, and so assuring, and you really helped everyone at our school see a different side to everything. … Every day, I think about the hill story that you shared with. It keeps me pushing. Thank you for reminding us all about how we need to think about other’s feelings. It was truly an honor to attend your concert, and I can’t wait to listen and watch your career grow.”

“OMG!!!! you came to [my school] two years ago! You sang for us and was so inspiring! I was bullying one of now my best friends and I stopped because of your performance to all of us. I am in sixth grade now and don’t bully anyone! You really changed me thank you so much!”

“She same to [my school] when I was in 4th grade….but im in 7th grade now and that song has partially made me who I am”

” This song has changed my look on other people just so you know I went back and apologized to them for all the hurtful things I said I also realized some of my friends arnt true friends thank you so”

“We the class of 526 would like to thank you for coming to our school and for the lovely gifts.  Thank you for telling us all about you.  Your music is great, especially the butterfly song.   We hope to see you again one day!  We learned to never bully and nobody has the power to ruin your day!! Thank you, Class 4-526”

“Hi Lizzie my whole world has turned around from last year.I really hope you can come to [my school] again this year!”

“You have a loving and a big heart for others. You are unique and talented. Thanks for the photo and autograph. I know you will be a superstar and famous in the future. And I know you will spread your wings and fly like a butterfly.”

“You have a big heart with kids that get bullied at school or not in school. You are inspirational and your song Butterfly was the best song. When you were singing you had a good voice and you are the best.”

“Thank you for coming to our school. We enjoyed our time with you. Thank you for singing Butterfly, Mean and Who Says, that was really kind of you to come and sing for us and talk with us about bullying and now people won’t be that afraid to face bullying. Thank you so much for coming Lizzie Sider.”

“Thank you for sharing your song and personal thoughts with us. I enjoyed the songs you sang with us. I think you are so inspirational because if I see someone getting bullied I will say “Nobody has the power the ruin your day”. Also thank you for the autograph on the picture and on my hand. I will always remember that I am a “butterfly”.

“You are so talented. Thank you for coming to our school and singing and giving us information on bullying. Thank you for your time to sign autographs and I thought your songs were very inspirational. Thank you for giving us advice on situations with bullying. I think its wonderful that you took your experience with bullying and then transforming to a wonderful song. “Nobody has the power to ruin your day”

“Thank you for coming to [my school] for making us children hate bullying more than ever. Because you help others is that just you have a big heart just like GOD! You sing great inspirational and loving songs like “Butterfly”, “Mean”, and “Who Says”. I bet that you are the only one that is more against bullying more than anyone in the world. Most of all thank you for the autograph. I love you.”

“You are inspirational to people that are bullied. Thank you for giving your time to my school. You make me smile. You are talented, loving, unique, etc. You didn’t come to but you came to my heart. I love the saying “no one has the power to ruin your day”. I was picked on yesterday and my friend Bellas saw me sad and walked to me and said “If you need someone to talk to I am hear for you”. That made me happy.”

P.S. “No one has the power to ruin your day”

“Thank you so much for coming. I had a blast. You are so unique, inspirational, talented and big hearted. I idolize you. “Butterfly” is my new favorite song. I will never bully, and if someone bullies me I will stand up for myself. Thanks again for coming.”

“Thanks for coming to our school. You are awesome!!! I’m sorry for hearing how you got bullied. That seems really hurtful in so many ways. Your song butterfly is amazing is all ways. When we left I was the kid who said “you are” after the kid that said your “inspirational”. Thanks again for coming, it was an amazing time when you came.”

“Thank you so much, you are very talented. You have a big heart and you are very pretty. I love your song “Butterfly”. I saw that you ride horses, I ride horses too but I ride in English not western. You are very mature for your age. I do not have a so good mind to remember but I know I will remember you! I cannot believe how giving you are for your time. I wish you could stay longer but I know you must go. I hope you remember me. I have a pink shirt that you like.”

“Thank you for coming to my school. I had the best time! You are so talented and inspirational. I loved all the songs you sang. Lizzie you are very unique I don’t know why anyone would bully you. Thank you sooo much for the autograph.”

“I want to thank you for the concert. It was the best concert ever. You are really talented. I love you song “Butterfly” and “Who Says”. Also you have a big loving heart.”

“Thank you for the amazing songs. “Butterfly” is my favorite song. It makes me feel that I am important. I will always remember the quote ‘Nobody has the power the ruin your day”. I want to become you, you sing so great. I hate when people bully others. You rock every place. Go Lizzie. Thank you for everything.”

P.S. Nobody has the power to ruin your day, you rock, “Butterfly”.

“Thank you Lizzie for the fantastic concert. I had a blast with my friends and you. The three songs you sang to us, “Butterfly, “Mean”, and “Who Says” were terrific. Also thank you for the autographed photo.”

“Thank you so much for coming to my school! You are so inspirational. I was bullied and you gave me some good information if that ever happens again. You are very talented and you have an amazing voice. All of your performances were amazing. “Butterfly” is a great song and so inspiring. I don’t think I will ever forget the saying, “Nobody has the power to ruin your day”. That saying will help me get through tough times. Also, thank you for the autographed picture.”

“Wow! You were terrific. Thank you so much for giving your time and talent to [my school]. You are a wonderful singer with a beautiful voice.  We were very lucky to be 1 of your 250 schools in the USA you visited. I also want to thank you for the hand signature and the autographed photo. I think that your song “Butterfly” is really inspirational as well. Once again thank you so much for coming, your performance was stellar!” P.S. “Nobody has the power to ruin your day.”

“You are the best in the world you came to my school today and on my Facebook that is all my friends where talking about YOU i wish you can come back thanks #thebest.”

“Thank you so much for inspiring and performing for [my school]. I’ve been bullied just like you, and I love to sing, just like you! I think you are very pretty and talented, and I had so much fun seeing you! I hope to be like you when I’m 15 ☺ Also, thank you so much for the awesome autograph. Your song “Butterfly” is so amazing and inspiring to me! I listen to it everyday at home ☺”

“Thank you so much for coming to [my school]! You made my day by singing and talking about bullying. You seem so sophisticated by making the song “Butterfly”. The lyrics make me feel so loved and cared about even though the song is technically not about you. You made me inspired to do the things I love and not let words bring me down. I know that I will keep in touch with you on Instagram and other social networks. As I can see you must really care about your fans by taking the time to write your autograph on over 100 cards. That makes you a popular person.”

“Thank you for the most wonderful concert ever! I really enjoyed being able to relate with bullying. It was a great experience and I loved the part where you picked me for the question I was going to ask! You are so inspirational and I love your song “Butterfly”. The experience was unbelievable and I hope I can out kids that are being bullied like you are. I can’t believe you were able to come and I loved the concert!”

“Hi Lizzie When i was in 4th grade  i got bullied and like your song butterfly i use to hide. I was kind of like u cuz i was  so shy and afraid to show people who i truly was and when my family would go out karaokeing they would ask me to sing but i was afraid that people would laugh at me but my mom said that i should look at it as if u was at home singing but i couldnt do it. I still was shy but not anymore because of your song butterfly.”

“Hi I’m 9 and I heard you came to Enterprise my friends saw you and your amazing. And one time I was being teased and people were making fun of me. Why ? I got in a car accident. They made fun of my scars . Now I just don’t listen to them. And I act strong to just ignore them because NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY!”

“Lizzie u are such an amazing person an I just met u . u are my role model now. I lost my cousin of bullying.  She did suicide last year in November . I’m just trying to say is that I look up too u.  Ur such an amazing person and I hope u can answer back !”

“THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING TO FORSET CITY I was so happy u came When u told us u got bullied I then thought about what happened in 3rd grade with my friend I was so upset I did that and know I went to her today and said hey sorry about what happened in 3rd grade and it felt good!!!! thx so much for coming to r school and also im the girl who said u have an epic voice witch u do!” 😀 

“Hey whats up thank you for coming to WCES. You really inspired me not to be a follower and to be a leader, you made my day:-) . And you have a amazing voice!!!!!!!!!  I have been bullied many times and you made me feel much better lizzie Thx you so much”                                                 

“Hi I met you at your bullying prevention at southwestern middle school. You were so nice and energetic and I saw more of your videos on YouTube and you are an amazing singer. I was the girl who came up to you last when we were about to leave an and I told you that I did not raise my hand about being bullied because I was afraid. But you were so  nice to me and what you said will forever give me a different perspective about being afraid.What funny is that you said you used to sing around the play ground when you were little and would be asked to sing and the people who asked you laughed when you did and what is funny is that that would happen to me too and just like you said it hurt a lot.But I wouldn’t tell anybody because I was afraid and not even my parents knew that that happened and they don’t even know that I have been teased now. But you inspired me and now I will never let them have the power to ruin my day. Also my school is having a talent show and I wasn’t going to sing in it because I have terrible stage fright because I was afraid of being laughed and and after wards being teased. But since you told me what you did I am going to go into the talent show and sing. I just want you to know that you are my role model and you are the best being unique and being a role model. Thank you so much for bringing me confidence because I now truly believe no one has the power to ruin my day!”

“You came to my school today and i was the one crying from Citrus Grove theres a kid in my class that was bullying me and my friend stuck up for me Thanks for comeing to my school!”

“Hi lizzie you came to my school you are so inspiring to millions of people I’m like your #1 fan I also love your song butterfly I saw around my school that people stopped bullying just because you came and inspired them so much our school is a better school now because of you thanks so much!!!!!!!!! :)”  ~ your #1 Fan

“Hi, i just wanted to say that when you came to my school, Verde elementary, i was thinking ” why do we need to go to a bully thing,” but when you started to talk and you told my school what you went through as a kid i thought to my self ”Wow, she is right. people should not bully.” when you told us how kids bullied you i felt the same way because i just moved to verde elementary  i was really scared . so when the assembly was over i was really happy that you came to my school because now you have inspired me to stick up to bullies and not let them push someone else around. i hope i turn out to be as nice, beautiful, inspiring, and talented as you”

“Hi Lizzie you came to my middle school you are an amazing person I love ur song butterfly I was bullied when I was younger they called me fat and now I was the girl that took a picture with u I wore the black glasses and u gave me a high five it was an amazing day I love u n thanks for coming.”

“I love your song and I once was a bully but now I’m a butterfly like you”

“I love you!! You are my inspiration because you are so young and yet you achieved your dream!! I’ve always wanted to sing for my career at my age and seeing how you did it makes me know it is possible and keeps me motivated. You came to my school two days ago and I literally cried because I didn’t get your autograph 🙁 because my friend who didn’t know who you were got it and you’re my inspiration and I didn’t get it. That’s ok though. Love ya and have a great day Lizzie!! :)”

I still have my bracelet and your signature every one at school is still talking about you.”

“I wanna still thank you for coming to my school lizzie everybody is still talking about you that how you expired them for not to bully or make name.Wait, is calling name is bullying, I don’t know but thank you Lizzie for coming to my school so Happy Holiday Lizzie Sider.”

“Wow Lizzie you’re amazing!!!! When you came to my middle school, I had no idea who you were. But now your song butterfly really inspired me. I know that nobody will ever have the power to ruin my day. I didn’t know how many people have actually been through the same thing that I’ve been though. After you left our school, I heard the guys who were bullies say how they are not going to bully anymore because you’ve inspired them. LoL I thought I was the only one who thought you and Taylor swift have a lot in common. You are awesome, amazing, inspirational, and so nice to your fans. You are so talented and I hope that you will continue to inspire millions of people across the county and help stop bullying. Who knows, maybe one day you will really be just like Taylor. 😉 and Lizzie if you really did take the time to read this THANK YOU SO MUCH!” 

“I was made fun of in elementary school too. I know how much it hurts. But now, Im able to be myself around anyone and I’m proud of who I am. Your song is very inspirational and you did a great job on it! Keep up the good work! “

“Cant wait for you to come to my school! Im part of the choir and the choir will be singing butterfly with you! I have been bullied so hard for reasons I really don’t know and my  parents have seperated and I CANT WAIT.”

“You have inspired me so much when you came to my middle school and the people that were bullying aren’t doing it anymore.”

“You came to my step sister’s middle school. She loved it. You are so awesome!”

“You are coming to my school on Wednesday and I am so excited we set up lots of things and I think this song is so inspiring. I love this song and I can’t wait to see you at my school on Wednesday.”

“Thanks for coming to my school im glad i had somebody to relate to i love this song thanks* ~£¡ZZ¡€~$¡d€R~*”

“Ib♥ heard one of the 6th grader boys asked you to marry him you said ask n another 10 years you came to my middle school i love your song n your really beautiful lizzie ily ♡♥♡♥”

“you were amazing today ! Changed my life basically you are now my role model.”

“She came to my school today indian pines elem. I love u lizzie today she signed everything to my backpack, shoe, arm, shirt, binder, agenda, book, and math journal”

“Lizzie hi I was at the school you went today. I really love the way you sing you were amazing and thanks for the bracelet there cool “Nobody has the power to ruin your day”

“You are the most famous person ever!:) “Nobody has the power to ruin your day”

“I really love this song! I’ve listened to this like a million times.. but it still makes me smile and dance. Go Lizzie! “

“Hey Lizzie Sider today i got bullied and when i got home i remembered what you told me and what my wristband said “Nobody has the power to ruin your day!!!” Your right No one has the power to ruin my day Thank you for your speech and your kind words your said to my school. Thank you very much Lizzie Sider”

“Hey Lizzie you came to my school, and you rocked! Some of my friends and I were there early to help and my friend was the one who played the piano really well. I was the one in the green hat. It was so much fun to meet you personally!!!!! Thanks for talking to my school about bullying and making it fun by performing for us! My school loves your song Butterfly and everyone kept singing it after you left. Your beautiful, talented and kind, you could go far! :D”

“Hey Lizzie Sider I saw you I touched your hand. Did you see me? It was funny because my friend was singing with you he was shy. I’ll always Remember that day and “Nobody has the power to ruin your day” thanks for coming to my school.”

“Hey Lizzie Sider your coming to my school tomorrow Yay!!!!! Im going to give your a paper butterfly. If your see me i have pink glasses and a purple bow on my hair. LOVE U”

“Hey lizzie you went to my school today and you were great.I have been bullied to and I was surprised that you were bullied to.”

“Thanks for coming to to my school. I feel confident. What you said to us really helped me think that I’m not alone, because no one has the power to ruin my day.”

“This song is AMAZING! When I first saw that you were coming to my little brother’s school, I searched you up right away and fell in love with this song! I will be telling my friends all about this!”

“You just came to my Middle School. I cant believe how you can just come and sing and not get nervous. You are so enthusiastic and you inspire me and I hope I can grow up to be like you. I hope everyone will learn from you and I loved when you made my teacher come up and play instruments. When you become famous I am going to be able to say to everyone that I already have your autograph and everyone is going to be so jealous. Thank you for doing this.”


“Hey! You came to my school yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. For making me feel like someone yesterday. Making be feel special. I got to go home yesterday for the first time and tell them about my 1st role model! 🙂 it felt amazing to tell them that. Hopefully you get to come again. I would 100% love it, and I bet so many others here would too. 🙂 <3”

“lizzie you are amzaing what puts you besides other singer is that you are hero.”

“Thank you for coming to to my school and letting me sing with you! I loved “Butterfly”! I sometimes get bullied and this meant a lot to me!”

“you are awesome you came to my school I know how you feel I get bullyed its bad at my school no buddy should feel that way you helped me a lot!!!!!!! I feel a little better ps…im in 5th grade.”

“Hey lizzie it was so great when you came to my school i love how you sang and how your voice sounded and id like to sing as good as you some day so can become better just like inspired me so much and thank you for coming to my middle school “no one has the power to ruin your day”and im sorry that you got bullied i did too.”

“hi lizzie, im a huge fan i saw you perform at my school today you have a wonderful voice i love everything you do your so inspiring and i love you song butterfly your really amazing and i hope to see you perform again your really inspiring.”

“lizzie is the best no matter what. i am going to be there every step of the way.”

“I can’t thank you enough. You may not have picked her, but my girlfriend finally tried to do something with others around. She opened up around you and thats a huge change. Thanks again.”

“Who would bully you? Your amazing!!!”

“You came to my school today and I was really surprised on how brave you were. Especially for only being what, 1, 2 years older then us? I don’t if I’d be able to survive being in front of a whole school or TV. I stutter when just speaking in class..Anyways cheers to you.”

“i know i already said this but i just wanted to say how amazing you are iv heard this song nonstop for like 3 days i play it so much my sister told me to stop playing it… and she deaf!!! thats how much i play this song please never stop singing!!”

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