Lizzie performing at benefit auction for Stephanie Clark on September 8, 2012

Looking forward to being in Nashville and supporting and performing at the benefit auction (September 8th near Winchester, TN) for Stephanie Clark and her fight against Leukemia. Stephanie is such an inspiration in her battle! Go Stephanie! ♥  (For more information, or to help in any way, see contact info below – or you can write to me at Thank you!)


Jack Scott’s Writer/Artist Showcase at Hotel Indigo, Downtown Nashville

My friend, Justin Stein, flew in from New York to write and record a song, and perform with Jane Bach and me at Jack Scott’s Writer/Artist Showcase, at Hotel Indigo Downtown. Here are some fun pics 🙂

















(1) Justin Stein, Jane Bach, Lizzie Sider (2) Jane, Lizzie, Justin performing (3) Lizzie and Jack Scott (4) Lizzie and Bonner Black (5) Chrissy Harmas and Katie Scherrer (6) Lizzie and Lolita Newland (7) Lizzie, Karli Chayne, Abbi Grace and Alex Gibson.


TCN Breaking Out taping

I am hosting 2 episodes of BREAKING OUT for The Country Network!  Mark your calendars, and let’s watch the shows together! (Here are pics from the taping, held at the Hard Rock Cafe, Nashville.)

  • My 1st show will air Monday, July 16, 2012 at 7pm CST
  • Episode Encores Tuesday July 17th at 10am and again at 9pm CST
  • My 2nd show will air Monday, July 23, 2012 at 7pm CST
  • Episode Encores Tuesday July 24th at 10am and again at 9pm CST


TCN Country Interview 6-8-12

After singing at Tequila Cowboy, we walked over to the Silver Dollar Saloon for my interview with TCN Country (The Country Network). (My video, Butterfly, has been playing on their network.) The interview went well and I’ve been invited to host a Breaking Out show! Yay!

Funny… When we walked in, the Silver Dollar was going to put Xs on my hands, but I already had them! lol During the interview, I tried to keep my hands turned so the Xs would hopefully not show too much 🙂 After the take, we were laughing about it, and we added Os, to make it more fun.  So, in the end, I wound up with XO XO on my hands (my theme!) 😀