DreamWest Magazine article “Nashville 2012 Billboard Country Music Summit”

If you recall, I performed at the CMA Music Summit in June, 2012.  I just learned that Tony Taylor of DreamWest Magazine gave me a very nice mention in his article, “Nashville 2012 Billboard Country Music Summit”. Thanks, Tony and DreamWest Magazine! xoxo, Lizzie  (If, like me, you do not read French, scroll down for the Google translation! 🙂


Before leaving this unique forum, we also had the opportunity to meet a young artist sublime, Lizzie Sider – and my “little bird told me” we will see in the years to come, this artiste become the new Taylor Swift: As they say, ‘Stay tuned!’


My Butterfly video is featured on Bullyville.com

Bullyville.com is a forum for encouragement and support to those who have suffered various forms of bullying. In my song, Butterfly, I reveal my own experiences of rejection and mistreatment by my peers. I hope that Butterfly will help others overcome whatever mistreatment or misfortune they have experienced, and inspire and encourage them to believe in themselves, […]

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