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Teen Singer Shares Anti-Bullying Message

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Teen singer shares anti-bullying message

Lizzie Sider is a 15-year-old rising country-pop singer-songwriter from South Florida. (Courtesy of

Lizzie Sider is a 15-year-old rising country-pop singer-songwriter from South Florida. (Courtesy of

Thirteen-year-old Melina Suastegui heard the message loud and clear as she attended an anti-bullying school assembly Tuesday, but she almost couldn’t believe the messenger.

Rising country-pop singer-songwriter Lizzie Sider visited Adele Harrison Middle School to share her experience of being teased as a grade-schooler and to encourage students to rise above any ridicule.

“I wouldn’t think she would get bullied,” said Melina, “because she’s pretty.”

The tall, slender 15-year-old singer from South Florida was, indeed, teased so much in grade school “that I came home crying almost every day,” she told the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students gathered in the school gymnasium.

“They called me names and laughed at me and I really don’t know why. It was very hurtful,” Lizzie said.

Lizzie Sider sings "Butterfly" as a video plays overhead at Adele Harrison Middle School.

Lizzie Sider sings “Butterfly” as a video plays overhead at Adele Harrison Middle School.

Encouraged by her father’s suggestion that “nobody has the power to ruin your day,” the singer eventually embraced her own self-worth and potential – and is now taking that message on an 80-school tour across California during October’s National Bully Prevention Month.

Students wearing colorful rubber bracelets printed with the singer’s name and her father’s words of wisdom sang along to Lizzie’s debut single “Butterfly,” set to a lyric video she created with her mother.

The catchy and upbeat song tells of Lizzie’s empowering decision to overcome the teasing and bullying she experienced in elementary school.

“I used to hide and keep inside,” she sings, “But look at me now, look at me now.”

Today Lizzie is “one of the new artists to watch in 2013,” as noted in Country Music Association’s Close Up magazine.

The high school sophomore told students who’ve been bullied that they aren’t alone. She mentioned singers Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, asking students what the three have in common.

Students spread the anti-bullying message with colorful bracelets.

Students spread the anti-bullying message with colorful bracelets.

“They’ve all been bullied?” guessed a student.

“That’s right,” Lizzie said. “They were all bullied and overcame it.”

Students Jose Aguayo, 14, and Gaby Romo, 12, said they haven’t noticed much bullying at their school but felt inspired to help if they ever do.

“No one can change your day,” Gaby said of bullying.

“You can’t be changed by someone else,” echoed Jose.

For more information about Lizzie Sider, visit

– Dianne Reber Hart


Lizzie Sider to Appear on The Queen Latifah Show | Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On my way to L.A. to appear on the amazing Queen Latifah Show,

where I’ll perform “BUTTERFLY”, as a kick-off to my 

California Bully Prevention School Assembly Tour

Tune in on  →  TUESDAY, Oct. 8  ←  for the show

Find out what time the show airs in your city HERE:

◊   ◊   ◊    Queen Latifah Facebook    Queen Latifah Twitter

CA school assembly tour banner

My California Bully Prevention School Assembly Tour starts next week!


! California Bully Prevention School Assembly Tour !

Attention all California Students:

Please write to me on FACEBOOK, or TWITTER – I’d love to hear from you!

Kicking-Off my Tour are these schools for NEXT WEEK:

🙂  Oct. 7 – Toddy Thomas Middle School, Fortuna Middle School, Leggett Valley School

🙂  Oct. 8 – Adelle Harrison, McKinley Elem., Murphy Elem. 

🙂  Oct 9 –  Ponderosa Elem., George Kelly School 

October 9th is Unity Day – Let’s wear ORANGE to show our support and commitment to Unite Against Bullying!

I can’t wait to meet you all!

xoxo, Lizzie

Nobody Has The Power to Ruin Your Day

Lizzie Sets Out on 80-school Bully Prevention School Assembly Tour

“Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day”

This will be the theme of my exciting, and important,
upcoming project –
My Bully Prevention California School Assembly Tour
◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊
In honor and support of OCTOBER being NATIONAL BULLY PREVENTION MONTH, I am taking to the road, touring elementary and middle schools across the State of California, to conduct Bully Prevention assemblies. Because of the overwhelmingly positive response by the schools in California, I will be reaching over 80 schools via more than 70 assemblies from October 7 to November 26, 2013.
During these fun, 30-40 minute interactive assemblies, I will talk about the importance of everyone doing their part to standing up to stop bullying. I will share my own story of being teased and ridiculed in elementary school, what it felt like, and how I dealt with it. Also, I’ll share what it is like to be 15 and pursuing a professional music career, to be on TV and radio, and to be interviewed for newspapers and magazines. I will sing some songs, including “BUTTERFLY” (my official MUSIC VIDEO has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube). Additionally, I’ll provide discussion questions to the schools, to follow up in the classrooms, about bullying.

My new lyric video for “Butterfly”

Here is the link to my new LYRIC VIDEO for “BUTTERFLY”.  I’m really proud of this video because I created it myself (with the technical help of my mom). And I’m thrilled to see that it’s already gotten over 13,000 views on YouTube! Please take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks!

aa0056 Butterfly official lyric video album art

During the school assemblies, I will sing “BUTTERFLY” live for the kids, encouraging them to join in and sing along. We’re going to have a load of fun, and get some important work done.

Actions are louder than words.

My tour will start out in the far northwest part of the State, and extend as far south as the desert of Palm Springs.

I am excited about the many amazing, memorable moments that this tour will bring, and look forward to getting to know as many people – kids and adults – as I possibly can along the way. This will be an amazing adventure that I know I will remember for the rest of my life!  My hope is that this time spent visiting schools will truly help to stop the bullying!
◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊
A SPECIAL MESSAGE to the kids in the schools that I will be visiting – I am really looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!  See you soon! 🙂
Much love to all of you,


About Lizzie: 

Lizzie is 15, and has performed all over the country, been on TV and radio many times, and performed over 20 National Anthems at Major League sporting events, including the L.A. Dodgers, this past May. Her signature single, “BUTTERFLY”, and her second single release and music video, “I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH”, charted in the Top 40 on Nashville’s Music Row Chart. Lizzie is passionate about speaking out against bullying, being a positive role model for kids, and making a difference. She is proud to be a spokesperson for organizations such as PACER Teens Against Bullying and GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network). Lizzie was named “Who to Watch in 2013” by the Country Music Association, and has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for “BUTTERFLY”, where she will be performing “BUTTERFLY” at the HMMA awards dinner in Hollywood, CA on November 21, 2013.

◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊

This is a copy of Lizzie’s E-NEWSLETTER dated September 27, 2013.
If you would like to receive Lizzie’s Newsletters in the future, please sign up HERE:

A New Country Star (Time For Kids)

A New Country Star

TFK catches up with a rising star, musician Lizzie Sider

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
By Cameron Keady

CLICK HERE to read this article on, and to watch me sing Butterfly LIVE on TFK.

Lizzie Sider, 15, loves to perform on the big stage and hopes to become a role model and inspiration to others.

Lizzie Sider, 15, is a triple threat: she plays keyboard and guitar, and she sings. But the young country singer is anything but threatening: her music carries a message of hope for kids who have been bullied. Lizzie has just been included on the Country Music Association’s list of Who’s New to Watch in 2013. She came by the TFK office to talk about her growing musical career, charity work, and dreams for the future.


How did your musical career begin?


When I was a toddler, I would line up the stuffed animals in my bedroom and perform for them. Performing has always been in my heart. I am from south Florida, but I spent my summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I think that’s where I get my country influences. When I was five years old, I saw my very first musical theater production there. The next summer I started in the children’s theater program. I went on from there to sing national anthems for sporting teams. My first was for the Red Sox at Fenway, when I was 9, and since then I have sung for the Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins, and LA Dodgers.


Did you ever want to be an actress?


For a time, I did think I might want to do musical theater, but country has always been in my soul. I began playing the piano when I was six, and then picked up the guitar a few years ago, so I moved more in the direction of a performance artist. But I would love to do both. Actually, I’d love to work in all areas of the entertainment industry!


How did you learn how to play guitar and piano?


When I was around three years old, I would sit at my piano and play notes I thought sounded good together. At age six, I began formal lessons. In the beginning it was hard for my parents to get me to practice, but as the years went on, they couldn’t take me away form the piano. It’s become a comfortable place for me, and kind of my sanctuary. I have been playing guitar for a couple of years now, and I just started learning how to play the fiddle, which is really fun.


Who are your musical inspirations?


My parents have always taught me to have well-rounded taste in music. Growing up, we listened to Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and George Strait.  I’ve always gotten inspiration not just from country artists, but different types of singers, too. I love Foreigner, The Monkeys, and Leona Lewis. Some of my current inspiration is Kelly Clarkson, Eva Cassidy, and Faith Hill. I love so many different artists, and all of them are a part of me.


Your debut single was called “Butterfly.” What was the inspiration for that song?


It is about my experience being teased in elementary school. During those years I would come home crying almost every single day. It was a really hard time for me. One day before I left for school, my dad told me that nobody has the power to ruin your day. That was really life changing for me, because I learned how to rise above situations where people tried to put me down. I want “Butterfly” to inspire others who have been teased or knocked down, to help them feel free like a butterfly.


Does your album have a theme?


All eight songs I either solely wrote or co-wrote. I love taking from personal experiences, which makes my songs so much fun to perform. I keep a binder of all the songs I’ve written. It’s fun to look back on.


You’ve been included in the Country Music Association’s list: Who’s New to Watch in 2013. How does that feel?


It’s really cool to be mentioned by such a high authority, especially in Nashville [Tennessee] where there are so many talented artists and people trying to make it doing the same thing I am. It’s a great accomplishment and an honor.


Is there anyone you would like to do a duet with?


I have always dreamed of doing a duet with Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum. I find his voice and stage presence really incredible.


Earlier this year, you paid a visit to St. Jude’s Children Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. What other sort of charity work have you done?


I am part of a few organizations. One is called GWEN: Global Women’s Empowerment Network. It helps victims of mental and physical abuse. I am also involved with a group called I’m Bully Free. I want to help kids who have been teased like I once was, using the same themes in my song “Butterfly.”  What I truly want to do with my career is to inspire, be a positive role model, and reach as many people as I can.

CLICK HERE to read this article on, and to watch me sing Butterfly LIVE on TFK.

2013 HMMA nomination Lizzie Sider Butterfly

Lizzie Sider Earns Hollywood Music In Media Nomination for “Butterfly”

Lizzie Sider Earns Hollywood Music In Media Nomination for “Butterfly”

I am thrilled and so proud to announce that I have been nominated by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for my song, “Butterfly” (Folk/Acoustic category)! 

The 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards will take place at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on November 21, 2013.  

I will also be a live performer at this event (I will sing “Butterfly”).

List of Nominees (see August):  2013 Music Genre Nominees

HMMA 2013

I wrote “Butterfly”, in the summer of 2011, with Jamie O’Neal, Jimmy Murphy, Lisa Drew. It was produced by Jamie O’Neal.  “Butterfly” is the title track on my 8-song debut EP of the same name.

A very special thank you to GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network) for submitting “Butterfly” for this nomination!  I am proud and honored that GWEN has chosen me to be a spokesperson for their amazing organization. 

◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊


HMMA recognizes and honors the music in visual mediums, the individuals who create and produce it, and the music of both mainstream and independent artists from around the globe for their compositions and recordings in all forms of media including film, TV, video games, commercial advertisements, movie trailers and music videos. The HMMA is also the first music awards event to recognize and honor excellence in music supervision. In addition, iconic individuals are presented with special awards for outstanding career achievement and longevity in entertainment.