I really get excited about little things…

I get really excited about little things. Baby animals, picking out a Christmas tree, birthday balloons, flower buds, a letter in the mail, a brand new notebook… and definitely baby pumpkins. To celebrate the little things in life is to completely LIVE as opposed to simply existing ✨



I wrote Thank You on November 11, 2011 and, in 2013, I created this lyric video to go with it. Since childhood, I’ve been instilled with love for our country and deep appreciation for our service men and women. I am thankful for that. Many in my own family – and dear friends – have served and that makes me very proud. And in the years since I wrote this song, I’ve certainly continued to grow in understanding and appreciation of the service they have given – and give every day – to all of us. Thank You is dedicated, today and always, to all of our troops, past and present.


BE KIND: 8 Organizations Spreading Kindness To Combat Bullying (HelpYourTeamsNow.com)

It’s National Bullying Prevention Month and we are passionate about spreading kindness and bringing awareness and solutions to bullying. Check out this article that features organizations that are doing some great work… Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day is featured! BE KIND: 8 Organizations Spreading Kindness To Combat Bullying

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