Love Yourself

[love yourself] I know it may seem like a struggle. But I want you to strive to love every inch of yourself. In case nobody told you today, you are so worth loving. Let your hair down. You don’t have to try so hard. Let the inner you shine outward, and let that become what you’re most proud of. Let yourself be seen, beautiful.



Sometimes, when we really want or need to get something done, we put a timeline on it. And sometimes that’s necessary. Take an assignment for work, for instance. Or a project for school. But what about those things that don’t require timelines, yet we put them on there anyway? Becoming happier. Becoming our ideal self. Healing from an injury.

Think about it: is the timeline you put on something hindering your ability to progress and achieve that goal? What if worrying so much about the time you allotted for something to happen in your life, is taking up so much of your energy and space, that there’s no room left to actually work towards your goal?

How about instead of a timeline, we make a commitment. Commit to be proactive in your pursuit of what you want to achieve, and see it through. Pursue steadily, and intentionally.

If you really want to achieve something, don’t slap a number of weeks or months or years on it. Make a commitment and the time will come, when it’s right.