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Country Act to Watch: Lizzie Sider (MIMO)


July 19, 2013 by Rob Burkhardt

While the pressing music news on my beat lately has obviously been about Randy Travis’ condition, there have been some new country artists recently bubbling up on the scene which I think deserve to be on your radar. One of these is a high schooler from Florida named Lizzie Sider.

Sider started making waves last year with her single “Butterfly” (penned with Jamie O’Neal), along with her EP of the same name. Her latest single “I Love You That Much” is carrying that momentum further. She’s been making the rounds at Nashville music venues, as well as playing opening slots for acts like Gloriana and Aaron Tippin.

I like Lizzie for her bright sound and her personality, and I can definitely see her going places as she grows as an artist. That’s why I almost hate to bring this next part up, but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t. If you listen to the single “I Love You That Much” in the video below, there’s one line in the chorus—just one line—that many country fans will find strangely familiar. The line goes, “That first kiss, that first date, in the moonlight.” The chord changes, the rhythm, even the melody—where have we heard it before?

“Just a kiss, on your lips, in the moonlight…” That’s it—Lady Antebellum. It’s the only line in the whole song that sounds like it was borrowed from “Just A Kiss”, maybe not even enough to get her in trouble; but that one line sounds so close to a recent hit that at the very least I’m concerned it will work against her when it comes to promoting the song.

Unfortunate coincidence? Probably. Notwithstanding, in all other ways, Lizzie Sider has already demonstrated considerable musical chops as an artist. She’s worth paying attention to. Both of her noteworthy singles are embedded below. Enjoy!


Music Video:  BUTTERFLY

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