Mental Health & Happiness Tip

💡 Mental Health & Happiness Tip: I have found that literally opening myself up ~ standing taller with better posture, looking upwards, opening my hands, outstretching my arms ~ actually makes me FEEL BETTER! It helps my mood, my outlook, my mental health, and my physical health. A very common response to pain, trauma and depression is the opposite of these things ~ poor posture, slouching, staying tight and clenched, and keeping your gaze downwards. Doesn’t that feel closed off, just thinking about it?
I personally know this, because as a result of my car accident in 2018 ~ that caused the brain injury I am still healing from ~ I adapted a lot of these habits for a while, and it wasn’t until I snapped back into my good habits recently, that I felt better again!
If you are looking for ways to feel better, try opening yourself up in the ways I suggested. These are small things, but they will make the WORLD of a difference!
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