How do you want to be known?

How do you want to be known? Pick a few words. Stand by them. Think them. Live them. Become them.
In order to step into the person we really want to be, we need to fully immerse ourselves in our vision for ourselves. 🌟
Want to be a kind person? When there’s cruelty around you, don’t fall into it yourself. Don’t temporarily follow the fold and then decide that’s not who you are afterwards. Do what you can to bring kindness to the situation. 🌟
Want to be a positive person? Think positive thoughts. Your brain is a design center. Or a brand new room with white walls. You can decorate it however you want. 🌟
Want to be a reliant, honest friend? Let integrity and love be the core of your friendships. Check in with the people you care about the most. Let them know you’re there for them all the time, not just when it’s most convenient for you. 🌟
It’s not enough just to envision the person we want to be. We have to exercise our “words” CONSISTENTLY so that they can BECOME a part of us. It is then, that we will BECOME them.
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