Lizzie on GWEN TALKS RADIO | “Victorious” Episode 2

GWEN TALKS RADIO “Victorious” Episode 2, October 18, 2017

BY Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN)

This episode shares the stories of survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and school bullying. #MeToo to RISE TOGETHER with other women of Hollywood to put an end to abuse of all kinds.
GUEST HOST: Kate Batten with GUESTS: Samantha Chapman & Lizzie Sider

Featuring a PSA as well that we produced 3 years ago, that pertains to abuse, with Actress, Chelsea Tavares who shares her story of abuse. Written by Chelsea and performed by her sisters. Robin Tavares Russell

Today, in 2017 WE women of “Hollywood” are standing together to shed a light on the atrocities of abuse that threaten our careers, our families, our communities. #MeToo is viral today. Let’s RISE TOGETHER so that this hashtag creates a solution so that women (and men) will not have to experience the threat of rape, harassment, and abuse ever again.

Brenda Bloom Brown David Longoria Filippo Voltaggio Mark Laisure Dorothy Lee Donahue Kim Boudreau Smith


Note by Lizzie: My segment starts at approx. 46:15

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