Never Chase Anyone Who Doesn’t See Your Worth

Whether the relationship that is romantic or friendship, “Never Chase Anyone Who Doesn’t See Your Worth” gives great advice about self respect and getting rid of toxic people in your life.

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Never Chase Anyone Who Doesn’t See Your Worth

By Chateau Cherie

….Never chase anyone who does not see your worth…EVER! It is beneath you and those who do not value you, no matter how ‘cool’ they act or look, do not deserve the privilege of being in your presence. You need to cleanse your life of these toxic people. You are better off without them.

I realize that if you are a target of bullying, your options for friendship are extremely limited. However, if the options that you do have for friends are only tolerating you and they turn hot and cold, exclude you or talk behind your back, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate those friendships. …… READ MORE

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