IT STARTED OUT as a concept… With Butterfly as my inspiration, I created a bully prevention assembly for grades 3 through 8, and offered to take it to California elementary and middle schools for 2 weeks in October of 2013, during National Anti-Bullying Month. Hundreds of requests turned 2 weeks into 2 months, all across California.

Word caught on and my tour quickly evolved into 2 years, 350 schools, and several states across our Lakeside JH Tyler copyenormous, amazing country. This meant traveling to 3-5 schools per day, 4-5 days per week, personally hugging every child (my favorite part), giving wristbands and signing autographs!

Those two years visiting schools was the most challenging, and rewarding, thing I have ever done! I made many sacrifices along the way, but would do it again if I could, because of the enormous outpour of love and appreciation, messages, letters, and more that I have received (and continue to receive) from kids, parents, teachers, and schools alike.

And since my tour, I have continued to devote myself to bringing positivity and bully prevention to children everywhere.

nhtptrydI would love to visit every school in America, but I simply cannot. So, I formed an non-profit organization and created a fun, interactive, professionally produced video that tracks my live assembly, and am offering it to schools at NO COST. So far, by word of mouth, we have received over 1,000 requests (representing more than 600,000 children across all 50 states). We ultimately hope to reach every child in every school in America and beyond!

But NO COST to schools doesn’t mean that there are no costs to accomplish this…

Please help me provide my NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO RUIN YOUR DAY Bully Prevention DVD and Teacher Curriculum Booklet to schools everywhere by donating via GreatGive’s amazing 24-hour fundraiser on May 3.

How to do it:

Thank you so much!



Are you a corporation and/or would you like to play a larger, continued role in sponsoring my bully prevention cause? For info about my 501(c)(3) Foundation,, and our sponsorship packages, please email

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