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Lizzie Sider Performs at Avalon Elementary School (City News Group, Inc.)

Lizzie Sider Performs at Avalon Elementary School

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Country sensation Lizzie Sider, 15, gave an anti-bullying presentation during an assembly at Avalon Elementary School in the Valle Vista Unified School District.

2013-12-04 ● 15:24:16
Last month, Lizzie Sider visited Moreno Valley where she conducted an anti-bullying assembly for the students at Avalon Elementary School. At 15 years old, Sider is an immediate country music sensation. She traveled through the state of California between Oct. 7 and Nov. 26, conducting assemblies to promote anti-bullying. In these weeks, Lizzie reached 89 schools via more than 70 assemblies. The interactive assemblies focus on the importance of individuals taking stances against bullying. Sider also shared her experiences of being teased and ridiculed while in elementary school and what she did to cope with it. Upon the conclusion of the assembly, Sider provided Avalon Elementary staff with discussion questions so staff could follow up with the students about bullying. The assembly at Avalon Elementary School was attended by approximately 380 students from the third, fourth and fifth grades. Sider performed for about 45 minutes and then spent time signing autographs and visiting some of the classrooms. During her performance, Lizzie invited some of the students to sing along with her. Ms. Tammy Roughton, principal of Avalon Elementary School, said, “This assembly really resonated with some of the students. I overheard students telling their parents about the assembly and how some famous people were bullied and overcame the issue and went on to great things.” The theme of the assembly was “Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day.”
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